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What Are The Uses And Health Benefits Of Fenugreek?

Posted by Admin on August, 06, 2021

Fenugreek is a plant that belongs to the Fabaceae or the Leguminosae family of plants. It is cultivated throughout the world as a in the semiarid region. The leaves and seeds of the fenugreek plant are even used in different food dishes of the Indian subcontinent, making it one of the most common ingredients. In the traditional times fenugreek was also used for medicinal purposes.

Most people believe that the cultivation of fenugreek first started in the Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Turkey and others. Though it is still uncertain that how a strain of the Trigonella genus was responsible for giving rise to the cultivation and use of the fenugreek plant for domestic purposes. Historians have researched and found out that how throughout different civilizations and empires people have used fenugreek.

Like in the first century A.D, it was used for flavoring wine by the Romans. And in Galilee it was grown by the people as a staple source of food. However in the modern market scenario, India is among the leading countries which produce fenugreek. This is mainly due to the production of this plant in several different states of the country. The state of Rajasthan produces about eighty percent of the total fenugreek that is produced in India.

Any fenugreek seed exporter in India can help their customers by offering them with the best quality fenugreek. The powdered or whole fenugreek can be used for preparing pickles , vegetable dishes and spice mixes. Most often people roast it before adding in the food as it would help to reduce the bitterness of the seed and help in enhancing the flavor.

It has been found that the fenugreek seed is used in cuisines all around the world. For example it is used for adding in pastirma in Turkey along with the other spices like cumin, black pepper, in Georgia the blue fenugreek is used in some food dishes.

Different uses of fenugreek:

• As a dietary supplement : In many countries fenugreek is used as a dietary supplements by people working out. The fenugreek seed supplier companies process the seeds and turn them into protein powders , teas and some other liquid extracts.
• As medicine: Although there is not enough evidence regarding the fact if fenugreek is suitable for clinical use. Many people still use it for dressing of skin wounds.
• As animal food: Farmers sometimes use fenugreek as fodder for feeding domestic animals like cows. The seeds of the plant are even fed to rabbits and fishes.
Some health benefits of fenugreek
• Controlling the appetite : According to some studies conducted by scientists around the world the intake of fenugreek has helped in the reduction of fat and excess appetite among people.
• Controlling cholesterol : In some studies it has been shown that how fenugreek can help in lowering the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in humans.
• Controlling diabetes and level of the blood sugar: Scientists have conducted some experiments where they have found clear evidence regarding the fact that fenugreek intake can help to reduce the blood sugar levels of diabetic people. This can be explained by saying that fenugreek does have a role in improving the function of insulin.

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